Sunday, February 8, 2015

Search Engine Project #15

Quinturakids Logo


   This search engine is designed for kids. Students can type what they are looking for in the search engine and in the cloud it gives them words or phrases to help them with their research. This search engine would be helpful for students doing research for class assignments or homework.  I feel that this website would be very resourceful tool for kids. If they get stumped in their research the words in the cloud can help guide them.

 WolframAlpha Seach Engine Logo

This search engine has a lot of various topics you can research. You can research anything from: Mathematics, History, Science, etc.  This search engine would be helpful because it gives you specific details for your topic. Like I searched Albert Einstein and it gave his full name, date of birth, where he was born, who his parents were, a timeline, and some major accomplishments. Also, this search engine is helpful  with math. It will give you examples and charts. In my opinion, if someone was wanting to do an elaborate research they would need to use a different search engine. This search engine works well to get specific answers to a question, just not elaborate research.

Picsearch Logo


Pic Search is a search engine where you can find pictures from various websites. They have filters in place for children but it is not flawless. This search engine would be useful for  finding pictures for projects or assignments.

Dog Pile Logo


Dog Pile is a search engine that you can research: images, videos, news, and even shopping. It is not filtered very well for kids to use. You would probably have to add a filter or monitor them to ensure that students are not looking at inappropriate things.

You Tube Icon

This is a really good search engine to find educational videos. You just have to be careful, some of it is not filtered. If you use this website, you need to preview the content before showing it, just to make sure that somebody hasn't added anything inappropriate.


  This search engine lets you browse books by: title, character, or topic. Another great feature is it has a search/browse for crafts. A teacher could look up books based on her lesson ,and then find a craft to go with it.

6. DuckDuckGo
Duck Duck Go Logo

This search engine doesn't track you. You are able to search : meanings,images, places, and videos.  Duck Duck Go seems to be a good search engine, when I did a search it seemed to have all appropriate material. I am sure it is not flawless though.

Science Logo


 This search engine is useful for people find information about science. You can search by web, video, or pictures. Some things when you search can be inappropriate so students would have to be monitored if they used this site.This would be a very good website for teachers.

National Geographic Kids Website

8. NationalGeographic Kids

This search engine is great for kids. They can search, find pictures, play games, and learn about the world.  This website seems to be filtered pretty well. Seems to be a great website for kids.

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