Sunday, April 26, 2015

Final Project #16

Lesson Plan
Audio Introduction
Smart Board Lesson
Group Blog Post
Group Photo
Video: What kind of technologies do I feel are most important and why?
Video to my Parents
My philosophy of technology

Project 5- Part B PLN

 I have really added a lot of useful websites to my PLN since the beginning of the semester.   I feel that all of these websites will be really useful in the growth of my teaching profession.  It is important to have someone that you can rely on when you need advice to help solve a problem.  I plan on using my PLN frequently during my years of teaching. 


"Technology and Teaching My Philosophy"


 I feel that using technology in the classroom is very important. It makes learning more engaging and gets the students more focused on learning.
    In today's classroom their are tons of technology available that you can use. There is the smart board, document camera, and I Pads.  With this technology, you can use things like : Blogs, Wiki,   YouTube, Twitter, Facebook,  and I Movie just to name a few.
    I will be using all the technology that I can in my classroom.  The Smart Board is so interactive and has a lot of lessons you can download from the Smart Exchange website.  I would love to be able to set up a class blog so that students can create and show what we are doing in our classroom. It will also be beneficial for parents, as they can check assignments , homework, and see what their child has been doing.
    Project based learning is another thing that I plan to do in my classroom. You can use a lot of technology when working with project based learning.
    I feel that all teachers should be technology literate in a classroom. They should stay up to do date with all the changes that occur with technology.
   I can't wait to get into my classroom and to be able to start using technology to enhance students learning. 

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Blog Post 14

Albert Shanker

Things that need to be changed in Education 

  • Giving more school choices to families: I feel that there needs to be 2-3 schools around the district that the student lives in that the parent can chose from. The child should not have to go to one specific schools. Especially if there are concerns about that school that does not meet the needs of the child.
  • Using technology to improve learning : I feel that technology is a great way to improve learning. It really gets the students engaged and wanting to learn.  It create great ways to explore things in ways they have never explored them before and interact with people.
  • Starting Education before the Child is 5 years old : I do believe that this would be beneficial for kids to start school earlier. Therefore, they get a better foundation for school. I feel that the Early Head Start Programs are very beneficial.

  • Personalize Teaching-  Mr. Klein states that teachers need: 
  1. Better Academic Training : He feels that teachers do not have enough academic training before they they are put in a classroom. I also feel that teachers are not getting enough training before they are put in a classroom. The  program has changed for the better since I have graduated.  They still need more time in college to prepare for teaching. Then, once they get a job teachers need more professional development time to help them. 
  2. Need a new approach to recruiting teachers: He feels we need to recruit only the top third of our graduates for teachers. I however do not agree with them just recruiting the top third of graduates. That is not a fair way in my opinion to "judge" that they would be a good teacher. 
  3.  Change how we reward teachers: The article states that some teachers are getting rewarded based on their seniority. He states that "People think teachers are interchangeable, but teachers vary on their performance. I feel that teachers should not get raises or anything else based on seniority. I feel that it should be based on their performance/evaluation.

  Seniority Distraction- In the article it discusses how teachers with seniority get better job security and raises. I feel that these should be based on job performance and evaluation. This should not be based hire date, and seniority.

I feel that every school has flaws that can be improved upon. I also feel that raises and job security should not depend on seniority. It should depend on performance and evaluation.  Technology is an important part of the classroom and can keep students engaged. You can explore so much in a new way. 

Friday, April 24, 2015

Summary of C4K for April

  1.  April 5, 2015
         This week I had to comment on Bosten's blog post. He is a student in Mrs. Lombard's       Seventh Grade English class.
         Bosten's blog post was about his baseball team. He really enjoys playing baseball. He discussed what all position his teammates play and the name of some of his opponents.

    Janelle Owens (Guest)
     Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    Hi Bosten,
    My name is Janelle Owens and I am student at the University of South Alabama in EDM 310. I will be posting to my blog at the end of the month about my comments. You can find my blog at :
    I am really glad that you found a sport that you enjoy. Not only is baseball fun, but it teaches you about things like teamwork. Keep up the good work!
2. April 12, 2015

This week I had to comment on Rico's Blog Post. Rico is a student in Mr. Webbauro's class in New Zealand.  He had made an I MOVIE about his trip to the sky tower. He took images of his trip and then he added text explaining his work. 

My reply to Rico: 
Hi my name is Janelle Owens and I am student in EDM310 at the University of South Alabama. I will be posting my comments to my blog. You can find my blog at :
You did a great job with your IMOVIE!!! You look like you had a great time at the sky tower! Keep up the hard work and you will go far!!

3. April 19, 2015
     This week I had to comment on Carson's Blog. Carson is a student  in Mr. Gardner's class in British Columbia, Canada.  This week he had to write a poem that engaged the senses to convey emotion. 
    My reply to Carson: 
Hi Carson! My name is Janelle Owens. I am student in EDM 310 at the University of South Alabama. I will be posting my comments to my blog next week. You can find my blog at I really like your poem, and how you use all your senses in your poem. It really makes the poem come alive! Keep up the good work! :)

Sunday, April 19, 2015


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My name is Janelle Owens. I am student in EDM310 at the University of South Alabama. I will posting to my blog next week. You can find my blog at
This is a really cool website! I really feel that students would enjoy using it. The tutorials really help get you started and help you figure out how to work the website.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Blog Post 13

no bullying

Bullying seems to be a great issue in schools today. Go to  and read this article. Answer the following questions related to this article:
What kind of preventative measures can a teacher take to prevent bullying?  
What role can a student play in preventing bullying?
What should a teacher do if they see bullying happening?
What is cyber bullying and how can a teacher/parents prevent it? 

Bullying is an unwanted aggressive behavior among school age kids that happens repeatedly and is an imbalance of power. Bullying can be categorized as : name calling, taunting, teasing, telling others not to be friends with them, spreading rumors, hitting, tripping, pushing, breaking others things, and mean/rude hand gestures.
Teachers should talk to the students about bullying. They should also keep good communication with their students. The teacher should encourage students to do what they love and model how to treat others with kindness and respect.
Students can help by :being their friend, tell a trusted adult if they see bullying, help create a distraction so they can get away,  set a good example, don't give a bully an audience.
A teacher should intervene immediately. First and foremost the teacher should remain calm, and model respective behavior. They need to separate the kids and make sure everyone is alright.  The next step is the teacher should find out the facts and determine if it is bullying. Support the students involved and then address the bullying behavior. 
 Cyber bullying is bullying that takes place using electronic technology. These devices include: Phones, Tablets, and Computers. They include social media sites like: Social Media, Text Message, Chat, and Websites.
Teachers and Parents should know where there students/kids are going online and establish rules about using technology. 
I feel that bullying has gotten way out of hand. If more teachers/students enforced these guidelines, maybe then bullying would be stopped.

Friday, April 10, 2015


 April 5, 2015 

    This week I had to comment on Mr. Stumpenhorst Blog Post.  This week Mr. Stumpenhorst discussed how" all teachers start off  wanting to inspire kids and change their lives.  Then however, over time the pressures of things like: testing,  evaluations, administration, parents, legislation and the laundry list of things, which ultimately stand in the way of teachers doing their jobs.  They break a teacher down.  Some teachers are prepared  emotionality and mentally to handle the pressure. But at some point, we all have a breaking point.  We don't offer enough support and shelter to help these teachers.
We must be better to our teachers, especially our new ones, if want them to withstand the weathering of a career in education."

 Janelle Owens

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I really enjoyed reading this article, it was very interesting. So many teachers at the beginning start off excited and enthusiastic. But over time they get worn down.   I feel that teachers need outlets to help them to be able to deal with their stress.  They also need to have support from administrators, teachers, and staff.

April 12, 2015
   This week I had to comment on Mr. Warlick's blog post. His post this week discusses the future of a classroom. In this article, Mr. Warlick discusses how a college students asks this veteran English Teacher about his future in teaching public school. This teacher believes that in the future there will be a "virtual school" with a "super teacher".  
   Mr. Warlick believes that the main purpose of education is to teach the student to "learn", and prepare them for adult life.  One of his quotes states "But if its purpose is to prepare our children for adult life, then the job of the teacher is to help learners to understand what they've Googled and develop the essential literacy skills and habits of questioning, analyzing and assigning context to the Googled information." Ending his blog, he states that "teachers need to learn and relearn" as things change. "This is the notion of expertise that teachers need to model and that students need to see every day, the essential and constant practice of contextual learning-skills / learning-literacies."

I feel that no "technology" can replace a teacher in classroom. They need that interaction. Our students need to go to school to "learn" and teachers help accomplish that goal. They help students with questioning, using of technology, and literacy skills. Technology is changing, and so is the ways we teach our students. Teachers need to be "continual learners" as well.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Blog Post 11

1. Back to the Future - Brian Crosby

    In this video, kids at the beginning of the year couldn't identify what city and state they lived in. They had trouble with their address and phone number. 
    Mr. Crosby helped build their personal learning network. They started: blogging,  Using Skype, Using Flicker, Make Wiki Page, produce digital videos, podcast, and vid casts. They also shared to other peers in their network.  Also, they would see other peers in their network read their blogs and respond. They excited the students.
  By using technology kids learn: empowerment, how to connect to the world, collaboration, motivation, and inclusion.

2. Paul Anderson - Blended Learning Cycle

     In this video Paul Anderson discussed a learning cycle with 5 "E's" :
      1. Engage
      2. Explore
      3. Explain
      4. Expand
      5. Evaluate 

He expands on the concept by combining it. They he comes up with the acronym QUIVERS

Qu- really good question, have students make predictions (hook)
I- Investigate /Inquiry
V- Video
E- Elaborate
R- Review : Do this in Individual or Small Group (Ask Question)
S- Summary Quiz : See what they learned 

3. Making Thinking Visible - Mark Church
     Students need to look at things from different angles. They need to have a different prospective. They need to be able to find problems and be curious and follow up on the curiosity. 

4. Sam Pane - 4th Grade: Super Digital CitizensSam Pane
     Mr. Payne had students build comics to help teach the students about internet safety. He believes that " Comics is a good way to show visual presentation of learning and text."
     Students can write a narrative and develop imagined experiences or events. 
     Students can analyze how visual and multimedia elements contribute to text
     Students can ask and answer questions. 
5. Project Based Learning- Dean Shareski
         Problem Based Learning engages learners and gives them a deeper understanding. Students can give/receive feedback. Also, they feel good because it gives them ownership of the project. 
6. Roosevelt Elementary's PBL Program:
     In this video the teachers at Roosevelt Elementary School were discussing Project Based Learning and why they felt it was a good technique to use while teaching. Project based learning is a in depth solving of real world problems. It has integrated them with instruction, and is research based and can involve individual, small group, or the whole class. It helps students with public speaking at a young age. The teachers feel it gives the student a choice and it helps them show ownership. It also helps them with 21st skills and working together. These teachers in this video also believe that it really helps the students be engaged. Every child has a "spark'. You have to help them find an opportunity to  ask a question and get them thinking to help find their spark.

I feel that project based learning really helps the student be engaged and helps get them thinking and asking questions. I want  to use this concept when I start teaching.