Saturday, April 25, 2015

Blog Post 14

Albert Shanker

Things that need to be changed in Education 

  • Giving more school choices to families: I feel that there needs to be 2-3 schools around the district that the student lives in that the parent can chose from. The child should not have to go to one specific schools. Especially if there are concerns about that school that does not meet the needs of the child.
  • Using technology to improve learning : I feel that technology is a great way to improve learning. It really gets the students engaged and wanting to learn.  It create great ways to explore things in ways they have never explored them before and interact with people.
  • Starting Education before the Child is 5 years old : I do believe that this would be beneficial for kids to start school earlier. Therefore, they get a better foundation for school. I feel that the Early Head Start Programs are very beneficial.

  • Personalize Teaching-  Mr. Klein states that teachers need: 
  1. Better Academic Training : He feels that teachers do not have enough academic training before they they are put in a classroom. I also feel that teachers are not getting enough training before they are put in a classroom. The  program has changed for the better since I have graduated.  They still need more time in college to prepare for teaching. Then, once they get a job teachers need more professional development time to help them. 
  2. Need a new approach to recruiting teachers: He feels we need to recruit only the top third of our graduates for teachers. I however do not agree with them just recruiting the top third of graduates. That is not a fair way in my opinion to "judge" that they would be a good teacher. 
  3.  Change how we reward teachers: The article states that some teachers are getting rewarded based on their seniority. He states that "People think teachers are interchangeable, but teachers vary on their performance. I feel that teachers should not get raises or anything else based on seniority. I feel that it should be based on their performance/evaluation.

  Seniority Distraction- In the article it discusses how teachers with seniority get better job security and raises. I feel that these should be based on job performance and evaluation. This should not be based hire date, and seniority.

I feel that every school has flaws that can be improved upon. I also feel that raises and job security should not depend on seniority. It should depend on performance and evaluation.  Technology is an important part of the classroom and can keep students engaged. You can explore so much in a new way. 

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