Sunday, February 22, 2015

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What Can We Learn From Conversation with Anthony Capps?

Anthony Capps is a Third Grade Teacher at Gulf Shores Elementary School. He has done a great deal of work with Project Based Learning and the use of technology in the classroom. 
In the video Project Based Learning Part 1- Experiences of a Third Grade Teacher   
Mr. Capps  discusses how most people think " projects are at the end of a lesson to show what students learn. When in fact project based learning is to show students how to be excited because they are creating as they are discovering the knowledge."  He also went on to say that "a good project should have: An Authentic Audience, Student Interest, Community Involvement, and be driven by Content. " The most crucial part Mr. Capps said was " students need to be able to revise and reflect off of their work."
Project Based Learning Part 2  Mr. Capps explains how "students need a variety of experiences and that teachers should never limit students. Students should know what they are doing and why they are doing it. "
Icurio is an online search engine that is filtered for students. They can not only research but they can find media/video files also. I curio also has a storage area that students can create a folder and store content until they are ready to use it. Another cool thing about I Curio is that it has a directory subject that student can research for example famous historical figures.
Another great online tool is Discovery Education. It is a great site that students and teacher can use.  Teachers can view lessons and it gives you all the resources that you need for that lesson. It gives you the: objectives, materials, procedures, vocabulary, standards, and evaluation.  Students can use it for: homework help,  step by step tutorial in math, with other subjects like : English, Science, and Social Studies.
In The Anthony-Strange List of Tips for Teachers   Dr. Strange and Mr. Capps discuss a list of tips that will help teachers be successful in their journey.
  1. Be a learner
  2. Be flexible
  3. Being a teacher is hard work.
  4. Start with a goal
  5. Make sure that ALL your students are engaged.
  6. Make sure you take time and your students take time to : Reflect/Review/Share 
 Don't Teach Tech- Use It  explains the use of technology in the classroom. Mr. Capps discusses how students should "have a continuous use with technology.  The teacher should introduce one concept of technology at a time. Don't expect perfection the first time it is used.  The students work should be shareable and they should reflect on the technology that they used so they can master it for the next use. "
Lastly, Additional Thoughts about Lessons Mr. Capps talks about how lessons are 4 layers thick, and how all this combined makes up your cirriculum that you teach for the year. The four componets are:
      1. Fits the year
      2. Unit
      3. Week
      4. Daily
 I learned a lot from the video discussions Dr. Strange had with Mr. Capps. I feel that I have a little more knowledge about Project Based Learning. I also have some new tools like: Discovery Education and I Curio that I can use in my classroom. Which I feel will be very resourceful not only to my students but also to myself. 
Discovery Education Screen Shot

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  1. Janelle,
    I too enjoyed and learned form these videos with Anthony. I feel like PBL is becoming more and more common in the school system.