Sunday, March 29, 2015

Blog Post 10

Ms. Cassidy

I really enjoyed watching Ms. Cassidy's video's, and I feel that we can learn a lot about her approaches in the use of technology. In Ms. Cassidy's first video she discusses about her journey about getting started with technology. She worked and built it up over time. Her principals never discouraged her, but some were not as interested in using technology. She even tried to encourage her fellow teachers to participate in the use of technology. Some were very interested and some were set in their ways and did not want to change.
I feel that Ms. Cassidy made a valid point about how " Technology is not going to go away, and we can't use the same tools with this generation of kids as we used 20, 10, and 5 years ago. The world and technology are constantly changing. There are opportunities for online learning, ex: Twitter, Blogs, etc. If teachers do not use technology they are only handicapping the students and themselves."
Blogging is fun for the kids and students because they can: have an audience, see how many people visited their blog, comment/people comment back, and have a cluster map to see where all in the world(states, countries, and cities) people have seen/commented on their blog.
Ms. Cassidy feels that all teachers need to be technology literate. They have to keep learning and follow what is happening in technology today. There are plenty of ways to develop and online network, for example: Twitter, Facebook, and Blogging.
 In Part 2 of Ms. Cassidy's conversation she talks about how to expand your interest and use in technology. One of her ways is to find something that you are interested in and expand your growth by meeting her people. You can learn a lot.
 One of the things that stood out the most to me in the last video with Ms. Cassidy she discusses how to be safe on the internet. And that you have to teach them how to be safe on the internet.
I feel that I would like to start blogging in my classroom. One of the things that I am kind of concerned about in starting this, is the amount  of technology (computers, etc) available for the students.  I know that most schools have a computer lab with more computers available at a time. So if there was only a few in the classroom, students would have to rotate out.
Overall, I feel that technology is very important in the classroom and all teachers need to be technologically literate.

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