Sunday, January 18, 2015

Blog Post 1

 Blog Post 1

This is my first class since I graduated from USA in 2005.  I haven't heard a lot about this class since I have been away for so long. In fact, when I took this class several years ago it was very different.
     Most of my fears are involving some of the different projects. I have never blogged before, recorded and posted movies, made book tailors, or even used Google for anything else but for a search engine. 
     In high school and college most of my classes were lecture and then we had to recite facts back on tests.  EDM 310 is different than those classes, because this class has a lot of  projects and hands on work. It really gets you ready for what some of the students are doing in today's classrooms.
    I think the most difficult thing for me is balancing this class with the other things in my life: work, my kids, etc. Also, making sure I understand how to complete the assignments and I do them correctly.
   Outlining everything in my planner and asking for help when I need it will help me to be successful. Also, keeping a positive outlook will help me to be successful. 
  I really don't have any major questions right now, but I am sure that I will as time goes on. 

Teacher teaching in front of the classroom with students at their desks with books open

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  1. The beauty of EDM is that you ARE able to collaborate with fellow classmates and truly research and learn together. It is not as overwhelming as most think! I wish you luck this semester! I hope you are able to utilize all-if not some-of the tools we will learn during this course. Welcome back! Go Jags!